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A TALE OF TWO CVS, Finding the Driving Spirit, a book about 2cvs and their effect on one mans life.

A TALE OF TWO CVS, Finding the Driving Spirit, a book about 2cvs and their effect on one mans life.
Written by Simon Day about his time with and love of 2cvs and other machines, with an angle on the search for the meaning of life.

Extract from the book:
What is it that draws normally sane people towards the Gallic austerity of the proletarian CitroŽn 2CV?
I have been a car fanatic since my pushchair days. It has led me on a career path in the motor trade and has been a fascination that has driven decisions relating to my social life for years. In writing my curriculum vitae or CV, this influence is immediately obvious. It is not that I am particularly proud of any great achievements in this sphere of influence.

I have looked back, in the process of writing A Tale of Two CVs, at some great stories of that part of my life spent with cars and motorcycles. There have indeed been experiences of some highly inspirational vehicles through my fortunate years. Some have been exotic, others just brilliantly functional. Despite warnings to the contrary, I have never grown tired of the 2CV and its family. Its simplicity inspires and refreshes me in a world of so much auto-electronic unnecessariness.

It seems to me that you can meet such amazing characters and enjoy such a rich diversity of experience when you pursue an interest in these crazy cars. I want you to be there with me, a passenger in the full sense of the word, in (and in some cases on) some of the most eccentric yet masterful automotive creations of a more evocative era. I want you to feel with your hands and your buttocks, to hear the rich diversity of noises, to see and maybe even to smell.

I want you to cringe and to rejoice, to ponder and to laugh, to lie in the bath and make silly noises, to sing even! Let's see if it worksÖ

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