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.Shock absorbers, pair, rear, Burton Premium, 2cv6/Dy6 1970 to 1990. SEE NOTES

.Shock absorbers, pair, rear, Burton Premium, 2cv6/Dy6 1970 to 1990. SEE NOTES
Also fit rear of Dolly and 2cv4/Mehari/AZU.

Rear shock absorbers are about 100mm longer than fronts, closed length 445mm, open length 610mm (both between stud centres).

Premium Burton 2CV Parts shock absorber for mounting on the rear of the CitroŽn 2CV.

This shock absorber is the result of considerable collaboration between Burton Car Company and TRW. TRW is a worldwide leader in the automotive aftermarket.

This shock absorber is optimized:
- For the unusual 3:1 ratio between wheel travel and shock absorber stroke.
- For the inverted rebound and compression of the CitroŽn 2CV shock.
- For horizontal use by using a closed foam cell.

- Twin Tube design with large oil capacity.
- Multi-lip seals and a Teflon piston ring.
- Same as original damping .

This shock absorber is made to fit a standard 12mm shock absorber stud. This shock absorber is specifically designed for horizontal use on the chassis of the 2CV, Dyane and Mehari. This type of shock absorber must be mounted in such an orientation that the soft plastic cover is pointing towards the suspension arm, and the metal cylinder is secured onto the chassis.

Part Number: A1.8301P



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