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Here will be the answers to those questions that we thought we had already explained - but perhaps only well enough for ourselves! Email us your questions at our technical desk.

So, why have our images got watermarks on them, simply, I spend quite some time using photoshop elements making them look good, still other businesses copy them, they could have them free if they ask but no they prefer to purloin and rub out the watermark!

Shipping, carriage, p&p.
Post & packaging may seem high on small orders (at April 2019 our minimum calculated postage charge is £6.90 but we always refund any excess charged after we have delivered your order), we recommend that for value for money you delay placing your order until you perhaps need something else, perhaps some servicing item? We are working on a more efficient method of charging carriage, always ask us (best by 'phone) if you think the charge is wrong!

Carriage is not included in the price of goods and is only calculated and added after you have told the site which area or country you would like the goods sent to.

We do not offer free carriage because we think to do so would be dishonest and would mean putting up our prices.
We do not offer a discount to club members because, in truth, everybody is a member of a club, to offer a discount we would have to increase our prices to a two tier system like our 'mehari club' competitor, we think thta would be dishonest.
At the end of the day the customer pays for everything - from the products to the directors own 2CVs!

Import into your country.
If you are ordering from outside the UK, please note that importing goods from another country can mean that your national customs authorities may charge you customs duty and/or other additional related taxes (for example a Value Added Tax or a Purchase Tax).
As the importer, any duties are the responsibility of the customer, and you are responsible for paying any such taxes. We have no control over what taxes you may be charged by your own national tax authorities, and we are not responsible for compensating you for payment of any such taxes. If you do not know how much (if any) import tax you might have to pay, please check with your local tax authorities before entering into a contract to purchase.
Additionally, some countries prohibit or restrict the importation of some types of goods. You may need a general or special license and/or other documents to import goods, particularly in larger or commercial quantities. It is your responsibility to check with your national customs authorities whether the goods you intend to import are subject to any such restrictions. If your goods are retained or confiscated by your own national customs authorities for any reason, it is your responsibility to negotiate with them the terms on which such goods might be released to you. If your goods are undeliverable for any reason and are returned to us, we reserve the right to reclaim from you any associated costs which may be charged back to us. We will try all other available options should we hear from our delivery company that this may happen.
On any customs forms, we declare the full purchase price as the value of the goods. We do not under declare values, or mark goods as a “gift”.

All prices already include UK VAT (tax).

Left or right?
Left or right is always as if you are sat inside the car facing forwards!

Units of sale.
Parts are sold in single units (1) unless the product information tells you they are sold as a pair (2) or more.

If you change your email address in your account, your login (user name) remains as your original email address, not the new one.

VAT is included in all our prices, VAT is removed from final total before we export out of the European community.

For export we use DPD, FedEx, UPS or DHL for parcels over 2kg and Royal Mail for items below 2kg.

The 2cv is now out of production since 29 years, major manufacturers of motor components are not so interested to produce in small volume the parts they once produced in tens of thousands, so occasionally  we may have supply delays whilst we restock only with replacement parts of sufficient quality.