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  • Directory and map of 2cv specialists.
  • 2cv Racer

Repairers & restorers

Here's the incomplete beta version of where you'll find links to 2cv repairers and restoration houses (parts specialists are not included), only those individuals who declare their earnings for tax purposes will be added, we will provide only telephone numbers & approximate location, some of the specialists may have websites, those will not be listed here, since the purpose of this service is to point you to a local person who can keep your 2cv on the road.

Let us know of any corrections or omissions.

This is a Google map, you must have javascript enabled, you must zoom in, double click the map to get more detail, some of the clusters of businesses may not be clear unless you do this.

To see our Google map in some versions of Internet Explorer with some versions of Windows you may need to enable 'compatibility view' in your browser address bar.